9 – 19 June 2022 in Mülheim an der Ruhr, Düsseldorf, Cologne + Essen

Killjoys & Queers

PCCC* is Vienna’s first politically correct comedy club – and possibly the first one worldwide! There are no worn-out clichés about minorities here. Instead, there are slam numbers, songs and classic stand up from queer artists who kick up not down.

10.06.22 22:00–23:15 Ticket Schedule


Ringlokschuppen Ruhr
Language: English and German

© Martina Lajczak
© Marija Sabanovic
© Mirjam Muellen

Political comedy of the PCCC* variety is based on consultation and consideration. Who can make jokes, from which position, about whom? Before every performance that evening’s performers meet up to discuss the scripts together and, if necessary, rewrite them.

For all its political ambitions, PCCC* provides an exuberant, laugh-out-loud experience at every one of its shows. It is held four times a year in Vienna and now also in Mülheim an der Ruhr. A late-night special that adds comedy to the official SHOWCASE line-up.

Your compere for the evening is Denice Bourbon. The performer, author, musician and political activist co-founded PCCC* in 2017. People told her: “You can’t be politically correct and funny. Forget it: that’s impossible!” PCCC* proves: yes, it is possible!


With: Malarina (German), Jules Gleeson (English), Veza Fernandéz (English and German), Maria Muhar (German), hosted by: Denice Bourbon (English)


Denice Bourbon is a lesbian/queer-feminist performance artist, singer, writer, show host, curator, and stand-up comedian. She uses humour and entertainment as activist tools to draw attention to political issues. For a number of years, she has been working as a freelance artist in both theatre and film. Denice Bourbon has worked with artists such as Katrina Daschner, Gin Müller, Veza Fernández, Sabine Marte, Stefanie Sourial, Stefanie Sargnagel, Amina Handke, and Nesterval at venues such as brut, WUK, WERK X, Ateliertheater, Kosmos Theater, Spektakel, and many more. Denice Bourbon was a co-curator of Vienna’s first queer performance festival, Straight to Hell (2015, with Denise Kottlett) and co-founder of the queer stand-up comedy club PCCC*. In 2018, she was part of the cast for Nesterval’s acclaimed immersive production The Village.

Veza Fernández is an artist of the stage in all its expressions. Dance, theatre, performance, stand up comedy, concerts and living texts are her performing tools for making people cry, laugh, stand up and leave the theatre, the club, the show full of emotions, totally confused, not so sure whether they should feel happy or sad, laugh or just cry. Her background is as mixed as her art, stretching from punk music and queer underground to literature studies, experimental radio and contemporary dance. Her work has been shown mostly in local underground venues and occasionally in international theatres and some museums. Especially popular are her screaming workshops. Her favourite work so far is ‘Alalazo’, a solo work where she plays with all the voices that incarnate passion, rebellion and heart. Her art surrounds the strident voices that have just to come out, like the scream, the verbiage, the laugh, the moan and so on. She was an autodidact until she graduated of the DAS Graduate School (Amsterdam) with a MA in choreography. http://vezafernandez.com/

Jules Gleeson is a comedian from London, who focuses on topics both esoteric and vulgar — from hook-ups to Satanism, from stereotypes to communism. Jules made her debut at the opening gala of Wienwoche 2018 with her act ‘The Hundred Horny Heterosexuals of Hornet’. She has since become a regular performer with the PCCC* (including at Vienna Pride, Salzburg's MotzART Festival Kabarett, and Volksstimmefest).

Malarina was born in Picka Materina, Serbia, which is not connected by any motorway. Her parents came to Austria as Gastarbeiter. They intended to remain only temporarily until the Serbian economy recovered. When her parents finally gave up this hope, they sent for their children and raised them in beautiful Innsbruck. In 2011 Malarina finally fled to the capital of misanthropy, Vienna, in order no longer to disappoint Tyrolean expectations of friendliness. Since 2019 Malarina has attempted to foster cross-cultural understanding between Austrians, Slavs and elite Slavs through cabaret.

Maria Muhar, as born in Vienna in 1986, trained as a cook and then studied at the Academy of Fine Arts and the Institute of Creative Writing. She writes prose, poems and a variety of texts for the stage. Together with the writers’ Wiener Grippe/KW77 she recently wrote the stage play ‘Tuntschi. Eine Häutung’, which received its world premiere in 2021 at Bühnen Bern. Her first cabaret programme ‘Storno’ premieres in 2022.