2 – 13 June 2021 in Cologne, Düsseldorf, Mülheim an der Ruhr + Online

The History of the Federal Republic of Germany as told by Fehler Kuti und die Polizei

“Take my hand as we collect money for old cans” Fehler Kuti und die Polizei urge. In their stage show they scramble together music, theatre and theory. What emerges is a danceable, quasi-religious ritual that reveals the racist and capitalist power relations of a country in which there have never been equal rights and opportunities for all.

11.06. 22:00-24:00 h: Live stream and chat with Julian Warner
12.06. 00:00–24:00 h: Video on demand
Language: German and English

© Julian Baumann
©Julian Baumann
© Julian Baumann
© Julian Baumann

Die Polizei start playing. Frontman Fehler Kuti sings about the German need for security and policies of nativism and law and order: ranging from the transfiguration of the German forests, passing through deindustrialisation and the class struggle to the information society and racial profiling. Together they reveal the racist and capitalist power structures of a country which has never had the same rights and opportunities for everyone. Who are the police here – who enforces the prevailing order, who keeps it alive?


By and with Markus Acher, Micha Acher, Cico Beck, Fehler Kuti, Theresa Loibl, Sascha Schwegeler

Dramaturgy: Adele Mike Dittrich Frydetzki
Scenography: Jana Schützendübel
Costumes: Katharina Böhringer
Light: Jonaid Khodabakhshi
Sound: Nicolas Sierig
Camera: Nicole Marianna Wytyczak, Joel Heyd
Cut: Su Steinmassl
Production Management: Veronika Heinrich


A production by Julian Warner in co-production with the Münchner Kammerspiele. Funded by the Department of Culture of the State Capital Munich.


Julian Warner works as a cultural anthropolgist in the fields of curating, music, performance art and research. He is Artistic Director of the Festival der Kulturregion Stuttgart 2022 and curator of the Spielart festival in Munich. Under the alias Fehler Kuti he also releases discursive pop. Warner has worked as a research assistant at the Institute of Cultural Anthropology at the University of Göttingen. The anthology he has edited AFTER EUROPE – Beiträge zur dekolonialen Kritik is published by Verbrecher Verlag in April 2021.

Markus Acher is a singer, percussionist and composer. With his brother Micha Acher he is part of Weilheim band The Notwist. In addition to other band projects Acher also makes music for films, audio dramas and theatre. Together with Micha Acher he curated the festival ‘Alien Disko’ that was held four times at the Münchner Kammerspiele.

Micha Acher is a composer and musician and member of The Notwist. Since 2018 he has performed and composed in a trio with the jazz saxophonist Johannes Enders and the jazz percussionist Günther ‘Baby’ Sommer. Acher also makes music for theatre and films.

Cico Beck is a freelance composer and musician. He trained at Münster University of Music. In addition to his studies, Beck also worked on electronic, experimental and pop music and their intersections. Beck writes and performs music for theatre and dance productions, cinema and TV films and is active in several bands (including The Notwist).

Theresa Loibl studied clarinet at Nuremberg University of Music and also plays tuba, keyboard instruments, percussion and bass clarinet. As an instrumentalist she commutes for various band projects between Munich and New Orleans.

Sascha Schwegeler, born in Cologne, is a graphic designer and musician. He has been playing percussion in bands for as long as he can remember. Schwengeler is co-manager of the Munich record label Gutfeeling.