9 – 19 June 2022 in Mülheim an der Ruhr, Düsseldorf, Cologne + Essen

God's Entertainment
GGGNHM – Guggenheim in Oberbilk?

Opening hours daily from 12:00–20:00
at Kölner Strasse 313, 40227 Düsseldorf (near Sonnenpark, bus/tram stop Ellerstrasse)

In Oberbilk it is planned to build a new block of apartments and shops on a derelict lot in Kölner Straße. But the diggers still have yet to arrive. The group of artists God’s Entertainment will use this time to present Oberbilk with a museum: its very own “Guggenheim”!
The “Guggenheim” label is a catalyst for urban development and a space that adds value to the art exhibited there. The Oberbilk “Guggenheim” is a ten-metre high inflatable reconstruction of the original in New York. It creates a space for us to think collectively about urban housing and living. What does one square metre of city cost? Who profits from new living space? Who is there room for, and who isn’t there any room for? In collaboration with local residents, God’s Entertainment will devise artworks relevant to these questions. The works can be seen during the opening hours and at special events.

Exhibition ‘Price/1m2
In the GGGNHM, living is declared to be art: real square metres of real apartments with real prices per square metre, cut out and framed. Like a surrealist painting, ‘Price/1m2’ points towards future change in the city.

Accompanying programme:

10.06. 18:30 Opening party
11.06. 19:00–02:00 Nacht der Museen (museum night)
19:00–02:00 Lange Tafel Oberbilk
20:00–20:30 This is Not Streichquartett? by Super Nase & Co
20:30–22:00 DJ Schwein

12.06. 12:00–20:00 Family Day
Painting and handicrafts for children, cake and drinks from the grown-ups: Family Day at the “Guggenheim”! Children aged between 4 and 10 are invited to create a Düsseldorf seen from a child’s point of view: miniature buildings, landmarks and images of the future on a large scale. What do children think is important? What do they want to see in their cities? Let your imagination run free!

Local initiatives as guests at the GGGNHM:

13.06. 19:00 The Mystery of the Adler Group – or: Who does the city belong to?
A talk by Helmut Schneider, urban geographer and a member of the Alliance for Affordable Housing. The former industrial and working-class district of Oberbilk has become an attractive object of speculation for property investors. How did this happen? And what role has the Adler Group played? And what is the Adler Group: a property company, a player on the financial markets or a criminal organisation?

15.06. 19:00 Oberbilk Round Table
In recent years numerous artistic projects have taken place in Oberbilk. Local initiatives look back and forward together with members of the “Guggenhiem in Oberbilk?” team: what has worked well and what not so well? And what might benefit the district in future?

19.06. 16:00–20:00 Closing party with DJ


God's Entertainment is one of the theatre groups working experimentally in Austria who seek to transcend the conventions of theatre and performance and continually redefine their form. God's Entertainment work in the fields of performance, happenings, visual arts and sound. They view their work as a critical confrontation with Austria’s political and cultural identity and its society. The field of play used by this group of artists is not confined to theatre buildings: they also stage actions in public places. In doing so, the most important principle is actively involving the public.


A production by God’s Entertainment, the Impulse Theater Festival and the FFT Düsseldorf, made possible by Kunststiftung NRW and other festival funders. With the generous support of the City of Vienna’s Department of Culture – MA7.