Impulse Theater Festival

Cologne, Düsseldorf, Mülheim an der Ruhr

4-14 June 2020


People are different and that is quite normal. But what about the difference between rich and poor? Does it have to be this way? And is it fair? An interactive game based around the question of who or what determines which paths remain open to children and which do not.

Tanzfaktur, Halle
Language: German
For children aged between 9 and 14 and adults

© Christian Brachwitz
© Christian Brachwitz
© Christian Brachwitz

In the audience there are people with stripes, flowers and writing on their clothes. „I can’t make out any order!“ shouts one of the actors. Or do people get categorised anyway? Turbo Pascal play out social order together with the public and try to create disorder. The young members of the audience can choose which heading they feel happiest under — the shy kids, the cool kids, the football fans or the horse fans.

But is it also acceptable to separate rich and poor? And when is someone poor, or someone rich, or someone in the middle? Is someone who lives in a house with its own garden on the fringes of the city rich? Or only if they own five million Euro worth of shares? How does someone become poor, how does someone become rich? Does it depend on how much work someone does? Or was it already decided right from the start? And how did the people who appear here actually get involved in the theatre? One drew out theatre fans in the parental lottery, another tells us that, for his parents, money did not matter — he simply had to choose a profession he enjoyed. And a third had parents who owned very few books. Not all people have the same starting conditions, the same chances. And if you don’t recognise the differences, then you won’t be able to change them.

Winner of the IKARUS Theatre Prize 2019 awarded by the JugendKulturService Berlin.


Performers: Friedrich Greiling, Hanni Lorenz, Wolfgang Boos and alternating: Eva Plischke, Angela Löer, Frank Oberhäußer
Direction: Turbo Pascal
Stage Design, Costumes: Janina Janke
Music: Friedrich Greiling
Dramaturgy: Karola Marsch
Assistant Director, Stage Manager, Prompter: Melina Archipoff
Stage Technician: Henning Beckmann
Lighting: Rainer Pagel
Sound and Video Technician: Max Berthold
Make-Up: Karla Steudel
Props: Jens Blau
Contact for touring enquiries: Axel Möbius, axel.moebius[a]


Production: Junges Staatstheater Berlin — Theater an der Parkaue.


Turbo Pascal is a theatre and performance collective from Berlin. They are interested in how people organise and imagine living together. They have made a name for themselves in the area of „theatrical audience experiments“: they devise interactive stage plays and performative installations which the audience may follow, address, involve themselves in and become independent of in different ways each time. In this way the theatre becomes a public space of assembly and negotiation for social processes. Turbo Pascal includes the founding-members, conceivers and performers Angela Löer, Frank Oberhäußer, Eva Plischke, Veit Arlt, Luis Pfeiffer, the performers and productions managers Margret Schütz and Kathrin Feldhaus, the musician Friedrich Greiling, the stage designer Janina Janke, the video artist Gernot Wöltjen and the sonic artist and programmer Georg Werner.