Impulse Theater Festival 2016
Open Call

30 September 2015

For twenty-five years Impulse has been presenting the most important independent theater productions in the German-speaking world. For the festival “independent” not only means that the works are produced outside the state theater system. It most notably means they develop aesthetic alternatives and search for new approaches and challenges. They expand, test, and strain the independence of the medium theater itself, i.e. the independence to always start from zero. The independence to invent structures, hierarchies, roles, processes, and collaborations in a manner they are required for the respective artistic project – and not vice-versa.

Independently produced theater gives an impetus to a possible form of theater that isn’t restricted
by predefined thinking patterns or performance spaces. It provides impulses to not readily
accept boundaries between genres as they are defined by application, market and marketing
logics. It provides impulses to also reclaim the theatrical in visual arts, music, literature, film, and theory as theater as well.

In 2016 Impulse is again going to present outstan-ding productions of independently produced
theater in the German-speaking world – meanwhile looking for the possibilities of theater to affect society. We invite theater creators and other artists
whose lives’ center in Austria, Germany or Switzer-land to submit productions and projects to be presented during the Festival in Düsseldorf, Köln or Mülheim/Ruhr from June, 16 to 25 2016:
a theater piece, a choreography, a performative in-stallation, a collective performance, a musical sculpture, a public intervention…

This open call complements our ongoing research and screening and allows for a direct insight to current developments of independently produced theater offside the beaten paths. The review and discussion of submitted proposals will be conducted with support of our interdisciplinary advisory board.

We are looking forward to surprising, provocative and consistent submittals.


Proposals may be submitted for finished productions (as touring performance or adaptation), which premiered no earlier than Januar 2015 or that will take place till the end of January 2016.

Please submit only one production per group.

Please submit the following materials exclusively as digital documents:

- RE: name of the group/the artist – title of the project
- project description of max. 3 DIN A4 pages in German or English *
- if adaptation is necessary please also provide a proposal regarding the feasibility *
- video documentation of the work (to the degree that is possible) as a vimeo link, or an explanation as to why the documentation is not possible or meaningful **
- budget proposal (considering possible adaptation costs) *
- contact information **
- vita *
- future performance dates **

Submission deadline is November 15, 2015.

Submissions to:

*Provide text documents and spread sheets as PDF.

**Provide this more vital information directly in your e-mail.