More than 300 submissions to the first
open call

15 October 2012

For the first time in the history of Impulse, theatre-makers and other artists based in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland were invited to submit projects in an open call for proposals on the thematic focus “Under the Influence” (LINK). Submission deadline was October 15th. The open call substitutes the previous concept of festival scouts, serving the task of discovering productions beyond the usual suspects. The open call is an experiment, an attempt to gain an extensive as possible overview on the German-speaking independent theater scene – on top of watching numerous shows and other communication channels. The submissions will be considered for the programming of the festival, that will be supported by the newly-named interdisciplinary advisory board from academia and arts. In this sense, the open call is not a contest but a broadening of the research process.
The open call was answered with more than 300 submissions from all corners of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Thank you for all the contributions!