2 – 13 June 2021 in Cologne, Düsseldorf, Mülheim an der Ruhr + Online

Love, Heteraclub, greeting from the training camp

For a short time in February 2020 St. Pauli was made richer by an additional attraction: the Queens, a club exclusively for women who desire men. Treading a fine balance between art, sex work and care work, in 1:1 encounters with male performers its female visitors experienced what many people have painfully missed since the pandemic began: being touched. In the Impulse SHOWCASE, the Queens team is represented with a video message.

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Language: German

© Margaux Weiß
© Margaux Weiß
© Margaux Weiß
© Margaux Weiß
© Margaux Weiß


Concept: Sibylle Peters
Camera: Ansuman Biswas u.a.
Cut: Nils Loefke, Sibylle Peters
Text and performance: Sibylle Peters, Charlotte Pfeifer, Ansuman Biswas, Nina Klöckner, Nils Loefke, Simon Mantei, Maik Reif, Michael von Schönberg, Bakary Trawally, Eidglas Xavier.

Thanks to Katharina Duve, Matthias Anton and the MS Stubnitz.


A co-production with Kampnagel, Hamburg. Funded by a grant from the City of Hamburg’s Elbkulturfonds.


Sibylle Peters is a performance artist and cultural scientist. She is also the Artistic Director of FUNDUS THEATER/THEATRE OF RESEARCH in Hamburg and co-founder of the doctoral research programme Performing Citizenship. She often collaborates with the performance collective geheimagentur. Her most recent projects include QUEENS. THE HETERACLUB, which was selected for the Impulse SHOWCASE 2021.