Sideshow – Programm

Grand Opening, Bar Performances, Concerts, Party, Midnight Special

„Sideshow“ will be the scene of numerous Partys, Concerts, Performances, Live-Reviews, Lectures, Artist Talks, a space for Discourse and Discussion during the whole festival period.

All performances will take place at Festivalzentrum studiobühneköln and are admission free.

Grand Opening
Richard Lowdon & Phil Hayes
Performance & Party

Richard Lowdon and Phil Hayes will act as Masters of Ceremony to guide you through the opening celebrations for ‘Sideshow’. To the sounds of jazz, the pair will chair short quiz rounds, stage brief performative interventions to get the audience in the mood and then man the turntables with the most danceable sounds long into the festival night.

Friday, 23 June, from 9 PM

7 Promises
Davis Freeman / Random Scream

The Paris Agreement is a milestone in the fight against climate change yet since the US election at the very latest climate change deniers are in the ascendancy. And we all need to play our part anyway. But what can we do? The two eco-preachers in ‘7 Promises’ elicit seven promises from their audience for a sustainable world. Will our actions follow our words?
A late night performance for a better world in Richard Lowdon’s ‘Sideshow’.

Language ENG.

Saturday, 24 June, 9:30 PM

Klub Genau

For five long years Klub Genau created good independent music in the East of Cologne and made a name for themselves on the German music scene. Without their own space since 2015, they have continued to present a series of concerts in the legendary Gebäude 9. For Impulse Theater Festival they are now curating the series ‘Genau@Impulse’ and bring their special vibe with live acts and DJ sets to the festival center for three nights.

Saturday, 24 June, from 11 PM
with Roland Kaiser Wilhelm (live), Seragon Business Band (live) & Miss Stereo / Rhythm Is (DJ-Set)

Wednesday, 28 June, from 9:30 PM
with Nassau (live) & Diana Jones (DJ-Set)

Friday, 30 June, from 10 PM
with Hotel Interocéanique (DJ-Set), Schlammpeitzinger (live) & Der Täubling (live)
For personal reasons, the live act of Der Täubling has to be cancelled. Nevertheless, the party will take place! See you there!

Blow Boys Blow
Dennis Deter

Dennis Deter and his seamen sing of home and faraway places, of danger and loneliness, of love and desire and of what it means to be a man…

Language ENG

Thursday, 29 June, 9:30 PM

EMOTIONALE – hört die Signale!
Midnight Special

For the final finale of the Impulse Theater Festival 2017 and its current team’s farewell the Cologne music performer PeterLicht will open the horizon above the festival center and fly with us in a rocket made of songs, texts and actions into the universe of possibilities. He will be accompanied by his new companion Benedikt Filleböck, formerly known as WOLKE, who will then take over the decks for some last moves.

Saturday, 1 July, midnight


FRIDAY, 23 June from 9 PM Performance & Party
Grand Opening
SATURDAY, 24 June 9:30 PM Bar-Performance
7 Promises
SATURDAY, 24 June from 11 PM Concert
SUNDAY, 25 June noon – 5 PM Theory*
Reclaim the Words
Ein Arbeitstreffen
MONDAY, 26 June 6:30 – 9:30 PM Theory*
Exchange for Change
Talk & Workshop
TUESDAY, 27 June 5:30 PM Theory*
Showing the Invisible
Orte für ein neues Theater 7:30 PM Theory*
WDR 3 Forum
WEDNESDAY, 28 June from 9:30 PM Concert
Genau@Impulse II
THURSDAY, 29 June from 7:30 PM Theory*
Und was soll Kunst sein?
Blow Boys Blow 9:30 PM Bar Performance
FRIDAY, 30 June from 10 PM Concert
Genau@Impulse III
SATURDAY, 1 July 10:30 PM Performance
Sideshow meets Chez Icke
with Richard Lowdon & Gesine Danckwart
EMOTIONALE – hört die Signale! midnight midnight special

*For more information on our theory program click here